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1. Can D63S transition between hard floors and carpet?
Yes. D63S is designed to clean multiple surface types, so it easily transitions from hard wood to area rugs or rooms with carpet. Please take special care of any area rug with a fringe. It is recommended that the fringes be tucked under the area rug before allowing D63S to clean.
2. What is D63S's normal cleaning pattern?
When Auto cleaning mode is selected and there is a low concentration of dust on the floor, D63S cleans in a straight line and changes direction each time it meets an obstacle. D63S automatically changes to a spiral cleaning pattern when it detects medium or high concentrations of dust.
3. What does D63S do if it meets obstacles, like furniture, during cleaning?
D63S is loaded with technology to allow safe and flawless navigation while cleaning your floors. D63S has an active obstacle detection system to help it avoid contact with your furniture, walls and household items. 10 groups of Anti-Collision Sensors are on-board the robot. When the sensors detect an obstacle, a signal will be sent to D63S’s “brain” to slow down, change direction and select a new cleaning path. If the object is very low to the ground, DEEBOT may gently touch the obstacle with its mechanical cushion bumper before turning around.
4. How long can D63S clean when fully charged?
D63S can clean for up to 80 minutes per charge. However, working time varies according to floor surface, room complexity and selected cleaning mode.
5. Can D63S clean when nobody is home?
Yes, you can schedule D63S to automatically clean once per day even if no one is at home.
6. D63S's working time has shortened or D63S cannot be charged. What should I do?
Make sure the robot’s Bottom Power Switch is ON.
1. Make sure the Charging Dock is plugged in and the robot’s Charging Contacts have made a connection with the Charging Dock Pins.
2. If the robot’s battery is fully discharged or has not been used for a long time, its capacity may decrease and need to be reactivated. To reactivate the battery: Place the robot on the Charging Dock by hand, remove after charging for 3 minutes; repeat 3 times, then charge normally for 3-5 hours..
If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.
7. What type of cleaning modes does D63S have?
D63S has 4 cleaning modes to choose from - Auto, Intensive, Spot, and Edge. D63S’s Auto mode utilizes the robot’s on-board Dust Detection Technology to monitor dust volume and automatically switch to the most effective cleaning mode for the job.
8. Why isn't my Remote Control working?
1. The effective control range of the Remote Control is 5m/16’. When using the Remote Control, be sure to point it towards the infrared receiver on the robot, and be within 5m/16’ of the robot.
2. The batteries in the Remote Control may need to be replaced. Replace with new batteries.
3. The robot may be powered OFF or D63S’s battery is low.
4. The Infrared Emitter on the Remote Control or the robot’s Infrared Receiver may be dirty. Use a dry cloth or the Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to wipe the Infrared Emitter on Remote Control and the Infrared Receiver on D63S.
5. There is equipment interfering with the infrared signal to D63S. Avoid using the Remote Control near other equipment that uses infrared signals.
If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.
9. Can D63S clean safely around stairs?
Yes. D63S is equipped with 3 groups of Anti-Drop Sensors that can detect a drop-off larger than 8cm/3.1”. If DEEBOT senses such a drop-off, it reverses direction and selects a new cleaning path. So relax, D63S can clean up to and around stairs without the risk of falling.
10. What type of floors can D63S clean?
D63S is capable of cleaning nearly all floor types, including bare floors and low-pile carpet. D63S is not suitable for use on long-pile or shag carpet.
11. Can D63S really clean under my furniture?
Yes. D63S has a low-profile design giving it the ability to clean under furniture with a clearance of 10cm/4” without complications.