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1. Is D45 capable of mopping?
D45 has an optional mop feature that is capable of dry mopping with the Reusable/Washable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth attached, like a robotic dust mop. The cleaning cloth can also be sprayed with water or a mild cleaning solution to dampen the mop.
2. Can D45 clean when nobody is at home?
Yes, you can schedule D45 to clean once per day even if no one is at home.
3. How long can D45 clean when fully charged?
D45 can clean for up to 90 minutes per charge. However, working time varies according to floor surface, room complexity and the selected cleaning mode.
4. What floor types can D45 clean?
D45 can vacuum, sweep and mop nearly all types of hard floor surfaces. D45 is not suitable for use on carpet.
5. Can D45 really clean under my furniture?
Yes. D45’s low-profile design gives it the ability to clean under furniture with a 9 cm/3.5” clearance without complications.