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1. Can I use D35 without the filter in the Dust Bin?
No. Please do not run D35 without the filter in place.
2. Why aren't the Side Brushes rotating when D35 is cleaning?
When the battery is low, the Side Brushes stop rotating and D35 automatically returns to the Charging Dock to recharge itself. This is normal.
3. Is it safe for D35 to clean around stairs?
Yes. D35 is equipped with advanced Anti-Drop Sensors that can detect a drop-off larger than 4.8cm /1.9” so D35 can clean up to and around stairs without the risk of falling
4. What happens when D35 meets obstacles, like furniture, during cleaning?
D35 is equipped with 3 groups of Anti-Collision sensors to help it detect objects in its path and navigate around them during cleaning. D35 also has a soft Bumper Strip to protect your walls, furniture and other household items.
5. What type of floors can D35 clean?
D35 is designed to clean nearly all types of bare floors. D35 is not suitable for use on carpet.
6. How long can D35 clean when fully charged?
D35 can clean up to 90 minutes per charge. However, working time varies according to floor surface and room complexity.
7. Can D35 clean when nobody is home?
Yes. You can schedule D35 to clean once per day even if no one is at home.
8. Can D35 really clean under my furniture?
Yes. D35's low-profile design gives it the ability to clean under furniture with at least a 6cm/2.4’ clearance without complications.