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DEEBOT N78 - Suitable for daily cleaning!

I just gave this Deebot a shot on our laminate floor. It really did a good job.

I am that kind of person who would, like it or not, do a routine cleaning every day, so you can barely find it dirty at my home. To make the cleaning performance more evident, I dropped some tiny stuff, such as dental floss, my dog’s short hair, crumbs of potato chips, randomly in our living room.

Doing some homework beforehand, I did not let this robot do both cleaning and mopping simultaneously; the mopping system was not in use until Deebot finished cleaning the whole room.


I opened the dust bin after it finished its work. Let’s see what we’ve got here… Dental floss, dog hair, food scraps, and a thick layer of dust on the inner sides of the box! Hmm… Interesting… Seems like I didn’t do a good job in my house work. The mopping system works mainly to make the floor damp, which is not as effective as using a conventional mop in cleaning. However, it’s enough for a house which only needs light cleaning. I wiped the floor with my finger, hmm… I think there would be no problem for my kids to run at home with bare feet.

The Anti-collision function did not seem to work well in its first use, but the bumper rail on the front of the machine cushioned the impact of the little bumps. Therefore, recommendation: remove small obstructions on the floor before cleaning, such as your kids’ toy cars. Another thing really deserves a reminder before using Deebot N78 is to remove all power cords and roll up your long-pile carpet, which might be easy to entangle the brushes.

Overall it is a high-tech product which will bring our life much convenience. I would give it a 4-star recommendation.